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Raise the Bar

What is Raising the Bar?

An OSBF challenge to elevate the case for justice and inspire giving in the communities we serve.

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With Your Support, We Raised the Bar

The Ohio State Bar Foundation’s inaugural Raise the Bar campaign brought in a total of $39,335.00!

Goal: $30,000.00


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our generous team captains and donors! With your help, the Ohio State Bar Foundation has received more donations than last year, and we have surpassed our goal for this year! What a tremendous accomplishment! Well done!

THANK YOU. On behalf of the OSBF as well as our grantee organizations, we sincerely thank you for your support.

  • The Prevailing Party is NOT SO GRUMPY YOUNG MEN, led by Reg Jackson and Bill Weisenberg! This team raised the most money during the month of November. They have earned the Raise the Bar Ohio Silver Cup, engraved with their team name.
  • The Most New Donors were secured by AUNT VELDA’S ADVOCATES, led by Velda Hofacker! This team was successful in sharing the mission of the OSBF to people who are not yet familiar our organization. Their team name will be engraved on the Raise the Bar plaque.
  • The Largest Gift Amount was also secured by AUNT VELDA’S ADVOCATES, led by Velda Hofacker! Velda will be recognized with an engraved plaque.

2022 Raise The Bar Results!

Team Amount
Not So Grumpy Young Men $11,825
Aunt Velda's Advocates $7,530
Boaty McBoat Face $5,375
Other $14,615
Total $39,345

Team Awards & Recognition

Most Money Raised

The Team who collectively raises the most money during the campaign period will win top honors as the Prevailing Party and earn the following:

  • The Raise the Bar Ohio Silver Cup. Starting with this year’s inaugural event, the Silver Cup will travel to a location designated by the winning team, where it can be admired until October, 2022. Etched with the scales of justice, the perpetual trophy will be engraved with the team name and event year.
  • Individual Awards. Each team member will receive a commemorative recognition item.
  • Publicity. Your team will be highlighted on the OSBF website, social media and all other publicity related to the event.
  • Bragging Rights. For the next year, you’ve earned it. Use it to your advantage!

Most New Donors

The Team who collectively welcomes the most new donors (defined as individuals who have never made a donation to OSBF) will earn the following:

  • Raise the Bar Plaque. Starting with this year’s inaugural event, the plaque will bear the team name and event year. The plaque will be displayed in the OSBF headquarters office.
  • Personalized Certificate. Each team member will receive a certificate of appreciation.
  • Publicity. Your team will be highlighted on the OSBF website and social media.

Individual Awards & Incentives

Largest Individual Gift

The team member who secures the largest individual donation during the campaign period will be recognized with an engraved plaque and social media mention following the event. And yes, your own contribution could earn you that honor.

New Donor Drawing

New donors from all participating teams will be eligible for a special prize drawing when the campaign has ended. Stay tuned for more information once the campaign has kicked off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raise the Bar Ohio?
Raise the Bar Ohio is an opportunity for OSBF Fellows to come together and connect with their communities while raising awareness and support for a better justice system.

When will the event take place?
Raise the Bar Ohio kicks off November 1 and ends at close of business on November 30.

Why should I get involved?
Quite simply, there is strength in numbers. Creating a justice system not defined by color, age, disability, economic status, where we live, who we love or how we vote takes all of us. As a Fellow, we honor your commitment to upholding the values and vision of OSBF and with your help, we can broaden our reach and impact.

Why should I make a donation?
Your gift, in any amount, helps drive our mission. Every dollar OSBF grants to programs and organizations aligning with our work, brings us closer to a justice system that works for everyone and a public that is more informed in the rule of law. To date, OSBF has granted $14 million to dozens of grantees whose tireless work in their communities has been transformational. But our work must continue.

How will my donation be used?
Unless otherwise indicated, 100% of donations raised during the Raise the Bar event will be used for grant making purposes.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, your gift is tax deductible.

Can my donation be applied to my Fellows pledge?

For More Information, Contact:
Sheila Buckley, Development Director at or 614.487.4477 (office) or 740.591.4222 (cell).