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April 17, 2023

OSBF Fellow Spotlight: Michele Worobiec

We are excited to share a spotlight on 2022 OSBF Fellow Michele Worobiec, Founder/CEO of Silta Strategy, LLC and an international author, speaker, and consultant. Michele focuses on national/international consulting in the areas of policy/legislation/best practices, alternatives to incarceration, and privacy practices.

Michele joined the OSBF has a Fellow because she wanted to create an environment where people, families, and communities thrive. Michele's favorite part about being an OSBF Fellow? Getting to know new colleagues that are also purpose driven, and creating a meaningful project together.

“The OSBF supports the very work that brought me into this field, so it was a perfect fit," said Michele. "I'm thankful that the OSBF offers the opportunity for lawyers to work together and share their talents and resources for the greater good.”

This year, Michelle has been helping lead efforts on the 2022 OSBF Fellows Class Project, the Color of Justice: Racial Inequities in the Justice System. She is a moderator for the first panel, and lends her expertise to lead conversation with national policy experts about topics at the intersection of race and justice, criminal law reform proposals, and how courts can actively reduce barriers to justice.

"The Color of Justice couldn't come at a better time," said Michele. "This event builds upon the investment made through the OSBF’s Racial Justice Initiative by taking a critical look at policies and practices that impede justice. These discussions will help overcome these barriers, transform our court system, and strengthen communities."

When Michele isn’t working on OSBF projects, she enjoys being with her family and friends. She loves to travel, and often finds herself making treks across the globe to as a speaker. Recently, Michele visited Vienna, where she participated on a panel at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

One piece of advice that has stuck with Michele is the value of "trusting the process," both professionally and personally and believes in trusting her intuition.

We're proud of our Fellows for leading the way towards building a stronger justice system for all. Thank you, Michele!

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